Are your staff CyberAware?

This week saw the launch of the National Cyber Security Centre, a centre of excellence for UK Cyber defence and a clear indicator about the importance of taking steps to safeguard your own cyber security.

In my recent blog technical security is just one part of the plan, I highlighted the importance of cyber awareness amongst staff teams. We can put in place the very best technical solutions, but it is often the simple attacks that catch people out and can do significant damage to your business.

When was the last time you provided some training for your staff on the types of approaches used by cyber criminals? 

I have recently run a number of sessions on the subject and in the main people are quite simply unaware. We have great staff who turn up to work to do a good job and really don’t want to upset a customer. They will go the extra mile, click on that email link just to check, provide that extra bit of information to keep somebody happy, or simply don’t ask enough questions of the IT contractor that has just arrived at reception.

It is these things that can leave your business open to a cyber-attack, so as much as it is vital that you invest in the appropriate level of technical security for your network, don’t forget the importance of briefing your staff on the risks out there at the moment.  With a little bit of awareness, a few extra checks and balances when it comes to things such as changes of bank details, you can ensure your business remains resilient and focused on where you want it to be.

This is not about frightening people, the internet and our connected world delivers huge personal and business opportunity. The internet is relatively new, the pace of change has been huge, yet it is only just getting started. This is about ensuring our people are ready, aware and best placed to serve customers in our hyper-connected world.

It is not just a risk for big business either, we all need to take steps to safeguard our online presence.

There is some excellent information on the National Cyber Security Centre website to help you decide what is right for your business. If we can help increase awareness in your organisation please get in touch.


About the author – Chris Regan is the Director of Blue Rock Risk Limited a specialist crisis and risk management consultancy. Chris works with both private and public sector clients to help them plan, prepare and respond effectively to a wide range of crisis and risk issues. Chris can be contacted by email at or by telephone 0117 2440154.